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"Access Utah with Pam Houston & Amy Irvine" with Tom Williams

"Delivering Air Mail"

by Leslie Vreeland, Telluride Daily Planet, September 2020

"Houston & Irvine Discuss Air Mail with Orion Magazine"

with editor Sumanth Prabhaker, November 2020

"Taking on Edward Abbey: An Interview with Amy Irvine"

by Leslie Jamison, in The Paris Review Daily 2019

"Amy Irvine Takes Edward Abbey to Task in Desert Cabal"

by Heather Hansman, Outside Online, November 2018

Select Essays

"Close to the Bone: Ancient Appetites & Modern Fare"

Orion Magazine, September 2020

"Ungulate Love"

Orion Online, October 2020

"We Can No Longer Take Breathing for Granted"

Outside Magazine, Summer 2020

"Things Aren't Looking Great for the Wild"

Lit Hub, October 2018

"A Defining Moment"

Catalyst Magazine, 2018

Commentary: "When sacred places like Bears Ears are broken, it breaks all of us"

Salt Lake Tribune, 2018

Conflagrations:Motherhood, Madness & a Planet on Fire

Pacific Standard Magazine, 2016

Terra Firma
TriQuarterly, Issue 133

Spectral Light

Orion Magazine 2009

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